2014 Award Winners & Event Pictures

The Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony was a blast. Thanks to everyone who came. Congratulations to all the winners and may we have many more in the future!

2014 Champion Leatherback Turtles

PAB2014 - Leatherback Champs

The Leatherback Turtles found success as an expansion team. They had a combined regular/postseason record of 14-3.

Manager of the Year: Pat Fusaro – Leatherback Turtles

Co-Captains Aric Jenkins (left) & Pat Fusaro (right)

Co-Captains Aric Jenkins (left) & Pat Fusaro (right).

Most Valuable Player: Joe Greene – Bearded Dragons

Joe Greene (right) receives the award from his Bearded Dragons co-captain Corey Seidman (left). This is Greene's second straight MVP title.

Joe Greene (right) receives the award from his Bearded Dragons co-captain Corey Seidman (left). This is Greene’s second straight MVP title.

Jawbreaker: Jim Benek – Turkey Vultures

PAB2014 - Benek Jawbreaker

Turkey Vulture Co-Captins Keith Marchiafava (left) & Zach Yuska (right) were delighted that Jim Benek (center) took home the award after coming in second in voting last year.

Rookie of the Year: Matthew Padro – Turkey Vultures

PAB2014 - Padro ROY

Matthew Padro (right) receives his prize for winning R.O.Y. from Commissioner Alejandro Hohmann (left).

PAB 2014 - flaville-kozich-gf

Mark Flaville (left) with Jawbreaker runner-up Jozh Kozich (center) and his girlfriend (right).

PAB 2014 - jandro-flaville

The Commissioner (left) reveals the winner of the ROY award to Mark Flaville before the announcement.

PAB 2014 - Student

Justin “Student” Urian is excited to take over as Co-Captain of the Leatherback Turtles in 2015.

PAB 2014 - marci-flaville

Mark Flaville wanted a pose with the Commissioner’s lady, Marci Prester!

PAB 2014- Randy

Our favorite contributor, Randy Seidman, pulled the winning raffle ticket, which ROY Matthew Padro also won. $100 giftcard is a nice jumpstart to equipment for the P.A.B. 2015 season!

PAB 2014 - Sean and Eddie

Sean Powers of the Narwhals (left) and Eddie Sabara of the Bearded Dragons (right). Sean was Eddie’s boss before joining the league!

PAB 2014 - Narhwals Holiday

On behalf of the league, the Narwhals wish everyone Happy Holidays! Here’s to 2015!! Pictured from left to right: Captain Alex Robinson, Sean Powers, Commissioner Alejandro Hohmann, Danny Tran, Joe Giambrone, Brandon Fisher.

Thanks to Marci Prester of Dharma Ventures for the pictures!


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