2014 Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony!

A Very P.A.B. Christmas

PAB Christmas 2014

Friday, December 19 – 8:00pm
Kings Oak (behind the Piazza)
1031 Germantown Ave.


This free event includes:
$3 Beers
$5 Jameson Irish Whiskey
$5 Wines
Appetizers to be provided & the full kitchen will be open.


The ballot includes the following nominees:

Rookie of the Year
Andrew Salciunas – Leatherback Turtles
Ian Lewis – Bull Sharks
Joe Giambrone – Narwhals
Joseph Hinkie IV – Honey Badgers
Matthew Padro – Turkey Vultures
Michael Werb – Bearded Dragons
Pat Dundon – Narwhals
Sam Houston – Bull Sharks
Sriharsha Hari – Mustached Bats

Brett Laprad – Leatherback Turtles
Corey Seidman – Bearded Dragons
Jim Benek – Turkey Vultures
Joe Giambrone – Narwhals
Josh Kozich – Leatherback Turtles
Nicholas DeLeo – Mustached Bats
Pat Dundon – Narwhals
Ryan Shaw – Bearded Dragons

Most Valuable Player
Brandon Fisher – Narwhals
Brett Laprad – Leatherback Turtles
Ian Lewis – Bull Sharks
Joe Giambrone – Narwhals
Joe Greene – Bearded Dragons
Josh Kozich – Leatherback Turtles
Keith Stackhouse – Turkey Vultures
Kevin Kelly – Mustached Bats
Ryan Shaw – Bearded Dragons

Manager of the Year
Bearded Dragons – Corey Seidman
Bearded Dragons – Joseph Greene
Bull Sharks – Haneef Fletcher
Bull Sharks – Terrance Langford
Honey Badgers – Andrew Siebert
Honey Badgers – Jason Siebert
Leatherback Turtles – Aric Jenkins
Leatherback Turtles – Patrick Fusaro
Mustached Bats – Adam Benites
Mustached Bats – Chris Gargano
Narwhals – Alex Robinson
Narwhals – Peter Gaston
Tundra Wolves – Celso Garcia
Tundra Wolves – Matty George
Turkey Vultures – Keith Marchiafava
Turkey Vultures – Zach Yuska

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