2014 Champion Leatherback Turtles

Congratulations to the PAB 2014 Champion Leatherback Turtles!2014 Leatherback Turtles

Pictured from left to right
Back: Aric Jenkins (captain), Jaeson Efre, Kenny Barnes, Steve Verano, Josh Kozich, Brett LaPrad, Brian Magee, Pat Fusaro (captain), Justin “Student” Urian
Front: Andrew Salciunas, Edward George Tair Jr., John Brennan, Marvin Banaag, Terry Foley


The Leatherback Turtles came in to the season as an expansion team and enjoyed great success. They went 11-3 during the regular season then went on to sweep through the playoffs 3-0 to take the PAB 2014 Championship.


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