Preseason Schedule

On April 22nd the Philadelphia Men’s Amateur Baseball League (PMABL) will hold a live draft! Come, find out where you rank against your fellow players.

You must attend at least one of the scouting/workout days in order to be eligible for the draft. You must fill out the form on the Contact/Join page of the website to be entered into the draft. You must pay league dues by the time of the draft in order to become a league member. Dates are as follows:

April 1st – 1:00pm FDR – Scouting/Workout Day – 1 of 3

April 15th – 1:00pm FDR – Scouting/Workout Day – 2 of 3

April 22nd – 1:00pm FDR – Scouting/Workout Day – 3 of 3
– 7:00pm The Station Bar & Grill – LIVE DRAFT!!!

This is a great opportunity to get your friends who are interested in playing some good old fashioned hardball to come see what’s good and for your other friends to see just how “cool” you are. So get the invites out there!

Here’s the Facebook event page:

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